Firewall and IDS/IPS Evasion - Easy Lab Help

I did sudo nmap -O first trying to get the name of OS, then I got serveral OS guesses.
Then I read the hint saying ‘we found out that they want to prevent neighboring hosts of their /24 subnet mask from communicating with each other’, so I tried to spoof the IP address using -S with some random IP address with a diffreent subnet mask
sudo nmap -O -S
But I got an error messaging: could not figure out what device to send the packet out on with the source address you gave me
Any help would be appreciated

Where exactly are you stuck? Are you trying to nail the OS? Did you try banner grabbing technique? (ncat or nmap –script=banner)

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thx I found the OS using the nmap script

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I’m still stuck here can somebody at least give me some hints i did read it for a while and tried the commands but yeah no results.

I found it. Don’t look to deep the answer is in front try using -Pn have fun hacking :wink:

Hey man im still stuck on the easy lab any hint?

–script banner

Hi guys I am still not getting proper output I used -Pn and chaged the source IP, use -script banner but not getting OS. Can you please help me

someone please help, i keep also getting os guess. funny enough ive solved medium and the hard one but im stuck here

check if port 22 is open then do #nc -nv ip 22