Evil-winrm error

So, I am learning how to use a lot of new tools. Right now I am learning to work with evil-winrm. However I am getting an error when trying to connect to the target.

Error: An error of type HTTPClient::ReceiveTimeoutError happened, message is execution expired

Error: Exiting with code 1

Anyone have any ideas about how I can correct this??

can u ping the box ?

The box that you’re running this against, does it have the appropriate ports open for this exploit to work?

So basically the box just needed to be reset. Sometging hung up in the instanve that I had started. Got into the box afterwards…

Evil-winrm program can be used on any Microsoft Windows Servers with this feature enabled (usually at port 5985), of course only if you have credentials and permissions to use it. So we can say that it could be used in a post-exploitation hacking/pentesting phase. The purpose of this program is to provide nice and easy-to-use features for hacking. It can be used with legitimate purposes by system administrators as well but most of its features are focused on hacking/pentesting stuff.
TroubleshootingWinRM means checking to make sure the WinRM service is running, and firewall ports are open. You should also check the WinRMconfigurationand that the WinRM listener exists. Finally, check to ensure WinRM is able tocommunicate with WMI.

This may help you,
Rachel Gomez