Error on uploading team avatar

Avatar is png and 500x500. On page edit team and uploading logo gave this error:

Error! The avatar field is required.

Are there any fix for this?

I have the same issue. Tried with multiple image types and dimensions, still receive Avatar field is required right after upload.

It says changes are saved, but avatar is still default one.

I also have problem uploading team avatar. I also have tried different types and sizes of an avatar image. But nothing changed. I always get this error:
Error! The avatar field is required.

Same here

This issue is fixed for me =)

Edit the image you want to set as your Teams profile picture and resize it to 99×99 pixels. Try to upload the image again and check if it works. For some users, the 256×256 PNG format worked. Others fixed this issue after changing the image size to 512×512 or 128×128.

Rachel Gomez

Thank you @RachelGomez
This issue has been fixed for me. I have contacted with HTB team. And they had solved the team avatar uploading problem.