Blackcat Crypto is developed in Visual C++. It has features encrypt all file, lock down the system and send keys back to the server. Multi-threaded functionality helps to this tool make encryption faster.

100% Undetectable by Antivirus Tools.

In This With the help of C++ boost, libraries Get all Files links with Iterative Recursive Call. and AES Crpyt Program uses that files and Encrypt them with command line argument. I Use AesCrypt 64 Bit Console Based Tool. AesCrypt tool(64bit) is 99% Virus Free.

AesCrypt 64Bit

Recursive File Encrypter Main Program

Phase 1: (Fetch files)

Getting all files from all drive to encrypting them.
Here is Visual C++ program get all list directory & files in drive and store path in a text file for encryption later use. I use Boost C++ libraries to get all files list. Please, the first setup Boost libraries to compile the program.

Phase 2 (Encrypt files)

Here firstly I get every file path from “data.txt” line by line and send to this crypt tool with type encryption and password. you can also embed all this program in the upper loop for getting the path and encrypting data recursively.

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Currently in Development

View Project on Github GitHub - ajayrandhawa/Cryptolocker: CryptoLocker is open source files encrypt-er. Crypto is develo

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