Hi all,

I am working on the reverse engineering challenge CrackThis!

I have made it more readable, but now I am not sure how to proceed. I have gone through the code, but it doesn’t look like it does what the command line says.

Do I need to figure out the command line input? I suppose this next step is the real heart of the challenge, but I am a bit lost finding the direction to go in.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Send me a PM if you still need a hint.

i don’t know to use any tool to disassembly program, can you help me?

Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

Spoiler Removed - Arrexel

I searched for ConfuserExConstantsDecryptor by CodeCracker but not found it.
I found only ConfuserEx-Resources-Decryptor, ConfuserEx-Static-String-Decryptor & ConfuserEx-Unpacker but the file crackthis!.exe is not decrypted with these decryptors.

Finally I found these tools :wink:

Wrong :frowning:
I don’t found the tools: ConfuserExConstantsDecryptor & DeDot.
Link ?

I found this tutorial : Easy way to unpack Confuserex 1.0 Max Settings – MindLock Blog

It has all the tools !!

only de4dot needed and try serching for ConfoserEx String Decryptor and it working fine the code is readable and the useless stuff is removed…

hope i can helped

guys try to search on youtube

Try searching the unpacker on the github then read the code ^^

is not so hard after you manage to unpack it.

After 1 2 3 4 5 can`t go ahead, I hope it is not a spoiler, can you guys help me solve the last part?

dnSpy debugger is enough to solve this task - the important bit is to work around the debugger detection (e.g. by modifying msil).