Education in Forensic/Incident Response

Hi @ all.

I have a few general questions that relate to a job career/preparation for a job in Forensics/Incident Response.

I am looking to build knowledge and skills in the Forensics/Incident Response field alongside my job that I cannot build in my day job because I do not work in the above areas. The preparation or continuing education should be as inexpensive as possible, but also have some value so that employers recognize what is behind a certificate or specific course.
Offers like HTB, THM or Cyberdefenders are quite nice, but there is no proof of what has been learned in the assignments.

I also thought about doing a master’s degree in IT security and forensics, but such a degree costs 12,000€. Since I am not currently working in the field of forensics/incident response, the question is also how such a master’s degree is regarded if you have no professional experience, but only learn everything at university.

Do you have any idea what courses/certificates/continuing education one could do part-time to enter the field of forensics/incident response and have good chances on the job market?

Edit: Someone knows about the Mosse Institute?

Thanks in advance