Do you use proxies for SEO tasks?

Hey guys, do you use proxy servers in your SEO work? If so, for what tasks and what tools do you use? And what types of proxy servers do you use?

I am collecting information about this for a new proxy provider. It is necessary to make our tools better and more convenient for our future customers.

Yes, I do. It makes thinks easier, as I think :nerd_face:

Using proxies in SEO can be a real game-changer for various tasks. Well, think about checking keyword rankings. Proxies help you do it from different places, giving you a wider view of your website’s performance in those search results. And don’t forget about competitor research. Proxies let you snoop around without tipping off your rivals. You can peek at their backlinks, content strategies, and more without them even knowing. If you’re diving headfirst into SEO, you might want to dig into a blog post all about optimizing online store. It’s packed with juicy insights that could turbocharge your marketing game, especially if you’re working with an e-commerce gig.