PowerProxy : PowerShell proxy tool for pivoting

Hey all, I just finished the first version of a SOCKS server and reverse proxy written in powershell (with a handler written in python3). Here are some features:

  • Reverse SOCKS 4/5 proxies, for pivoting through firewalls that block inbound connections.
  • Encrypted w/ SSL by default. Create temporary certs (default) or provide your own.
  • Pivot through Windows networks w/o touching disk. No third party dependencies.
  • Username/Password authentication option
  • Handler for reverse proxies is python3
  • Can also act as a normal SOCKS server

Link: GitHub - get-get-get-get/PowerProxy: PowerShell SOCKS proxy with reverse proxy capabilities

I’m looking for feedback, so if you try it I’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts. This is my first powershell project, and I need some help with design/structure.