Do Starting Point machines count towards profile stats?

I recently completed Archetype, but the own flags aren’t showing on my profile. Archetype also does not show up on my activity feed as being completed and machine progress widget is still showing 0/210.

So are Starting Point machines not counted?

Profile also isn’t showing 10 points that I was awarded by the Debugging Interface challenge, although that is shown as completed in my activity feed and challenge progress widget.

I dont think starting point machines count - they have walkthroughs so it would be a bit unfair to give points for them, I suppose.

You can see how your points are calculated here: Login :: Hack The Box :: Penetration Testing Labs

Points get updated at about 2200 UTC each day (I am never quite sure about this), so the points you got for Profile will show up on the update tonight.

I suspected that might be the case, shame they don’t count towards the machine progress widget unlike retired machines though. No big deal anyway.

Thanks for the clarification on points, I’d missed the detail about them only updating once per day, presumably I’ll see the Debugging Interface points show up sometime tomorrow in that case.

Cheers fella much appreciated