Hey all

Trying to upload / put an aspx shell on the Devel box via ftp but I always get a time out error that says:

Data channel timed out due to not meeting the minimum bandwidth requirement.
1442 bytes sent in 0.00 secs (23.7103 MB/s)

I can push html and txt files in a few seconds so not sure what’s going on.



Using a NAT network btw.

P.S Downloaded an alternate ftp prog and it worked - wtaf? On the latest Kali too so if you know why let me know pls.

Hey ! I have the same issue. I can upload anything in a few secs but when it comes to aspx shell no way to do so. I have a timeout error. I am using Kali 2021. In the past havent had this damn issue. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks