Devel - Hanging on "Sending Stage"


I tried doing Devel myself initially however found myself stuck at “sending stage” so I decided to read write ups (including the HTB offical write up) to see where I was going wrong but it was not clear. So I decided to follow the HTB write up and IppSec exactly however I still continue to keep running into the issue where my listener is hanging on “Sending Stage”.

Initial Context:

  • I can ping the machine
  • I can access the machine via ftp
  • I can upload files via ftp
  • I can connect to the web server on the machine
  • I can connect to the file which I have uploaded on the web server

I have spent hours trying to solve this. Any assistance will be highly appreciated. I can provide more information if necessary.

Thank you.

I created payload via msfvenom then just browsed to it
make sure you have the right file extension
watch ippsec on youtube if you still get stuck .