DecodeMe challenge

Hi there,
actually stuck on this. First part (appropriately decoded) seems to be a key, second part (appropriately decoded) seems to be the ciphertext. I have played a bit with message lengths do identify candidate ciphers, but noone seems to match. Any ideas?

I’ve identified how it was potentially encrypted. I’ve decrypted it and got a b64 string. Which doesnt translate to anything useful. So no idea if my first step was correct, but I cant figure out what else it could be

Solved. All I can say is I think this belongs in misc rather than crypto.

The last bit of encoding is very strange. I don’t think I have encountered it before. I have decoded up to the last B64 but I am kind of stomped on the last bit.

Solved. Have actually encountered the encoding before, just the one time :slight_smile:

Really should be in the Misc category.

Looking for a hint as to how the first item is even encoded.

Any hint for this challange, please?

first part is killing me

TOOK A LOT OF my time. couldn’t get anything pls help

Hi there, can anyone give me a hint about this challenge ? I tried base64 with the first string but it gives me a bunch of characters and second string does not seem to be base64, I tried different conversions but both strings give me a bunch of characters that does not make any sense, I am pretty new on this matter

This has been a challenging one, I got he line out of the b64 string. I stuck at decryption that line.

I got past the first part. Can anyone PM me a small hint for what to look for with the second part?

Can someone give me a hint ?

Hint: Dante’s Inferno

This chall is literally the same as another one in the same category

An incredibly unimaginative challenge…Basically a mashup between two challenges from the crypto and misc categories


Solved! This is very challenging simply because of how esoteric the encryption methods are. PM me if you need some guidance!

Anyone who was able to solve this willing to drop a hint as to how to get started (or at least to know that you’re on the right path?)

EDIT: Definitely on the right path, haven’t solved yet but if you need a how-to-start feel free to DM :slight_smile:

EDIT:EDIT: solved