DecodeMe challenge

Solved, although it wasn’t really fun … PM for hints.

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An incredibly unimaginative challenge…Basically a mashup between two challenges from the crypto and misc categories

I went through much agony to get this one. The first step is NOT obvious. I feel like I could’ve wasted the rest of my life trying to figure out the first method to apply for decryption.
But, as people have been saying, this one is related to another crypto challenge and a misc challenge. Indeed, can’t say much more without giving too much away. But if you PM me for hints, I’ll try to respond in a timely manner.

This is a horrible challenge, just guessing each step. It should not be under “Crypto”.

Please can someone share a hint. I have solved Inferno and Art in misc category based on the Dante’s Inferno hint, but still I struggle with this.

@nav18 Try to solve “keys” crypto challenge and you should be set to solve this one.

Thanks @anguzmar, I solved, really this challange was compose of a misc and a crypto challenge, this was not a original one. But I think this led to solving original ones :smiley:

This challange is strange and pretty straight forward. It took me about 10 minutes after I’ve read the hint given by @anguzmar . After you follow his lead and get to the next step try THE misc challanges. PM me if you get stuck.

I spent few hours on this challenge due to the attempts on AES and other modern ciphers… Thank for the hints on “Similar cipher(1)” and “Dante’s Inferno(2)”

Easy if you already did two other challenges, one in the crypto, and another in the misc, as other user suggested. Actually the first part is quite impossible if you do not know what kind of cipher is used.

Thanks @anguzmar . I got two flags Keys, and Decode Me with your hint.

Finally got it, as someone totally new to this there was a fair bit of digging and getting to grips with the different types of language here… Dante man, what a guy.

Hints feel free to PM!