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yes i can help what do you need to know ?

Im stuck on NIX02. I have found a file. I think I need to find the location of a certain folder but am having a hard time tracking it down. Can anyone help me out?

Never mind. I got it.

Currently working on SQL01. I have rooted NIX1-4 and DC01. I have tried remotely logging in the MS-SQL service without any luck. I have also notice another service but I have not been able gain access. Any help would appreciated.

I need help with DANTE-NIX03. I have found creds to login to the (both lowercase and uppercase) website. But I get Login failed. I have also tried logging in using the cookie found in the same file without success. I have tried the unauthenticated exploits without success so the only way is an authenticated exploit, which I can’t use because the credentials are not correct.
How can I reboot the machine? Because I’m stuck.

Someone help pls! Stuck on .100. I`m found user J***** but bruteforce didnt work…

Could anyone help me with “Update the policy!” portion; I got the correct way to do things but I couldn’t bruteforce and could not connect to the target even with the correct credential;

I am ending my 1 month soon. I’d really appreciate if someone could DM me :sweat_smile:

I know what your problem is. I’ve solved this machine.
You found the wrong credentials.
With the correct credentials it login to Webmin on port 10000 fine.

I’ve solved this machine. You don’t need rockyou to brute force unless you want to wait 90 hours. Think about how you can still get a list of possible passwords.

Its not signing in with correct credentials, how to fix that?

Find the right ones. The same place where the wrong ones were found.

I found, but still not working, requested machine reboot