Complete Newbie/Novice - Help Required Please :)

Hi All,

Its my 2nd day on HTB and i’ve come unstuck (already) on ‘Dancing’ - Machine 3.

I’m at the stage of accessing smbclient through - $ smbclient \\\WorkShares - but keep getting the following in response:

Password for [WORKGROUP\htb-********:
do_connect: Connection to failed (Error NT_STATUS_NOT_FOUND)

P.S - I also keep getting the above message for ADMIN$ + C$.

Can anyone help please.

Thank you in advance!

Did you obtain login at some point ?

Keep following the walkthrough. For the WorkShares password should be blank, just hit enter. It’s a simulation of someone who has no idea how to put a password on something.

Wanna do some CTFs?