Command Injection - Bypassing Blacklisted Commands

Any help would be appreciated. Going on day 2 and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Tried various payloads, operators, url encoded, etc. The farthest I get is the home directory where I can see the user.

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i am stuck at this problem on command injection can you help me

Have you happened to get it yet?

You must apply the main idea from the previous path.

From the previous task, we know the name of the user and the name of the flag. The same question gives you ‘flag.txt’, but you can figure it out using this approach."


Then, you need to obfuscate your command, in this case, for ‘cat’, you can do it this way c"at"

this is the final script


Remember to keep in mind all the things that you learned in the previous paths. I hope this could help you.