Classic, yet complicated!

any help on this challenge? I am breaking my head on this for weeks. I am not able to complete. But it is only 10 points :frowning:

I tried almost all cipher methods. no luck.

hey briyani could you help me to unlook rar password??

I would also like a pointer on this one, I’ve tried numerous substitutions / frequency analysis and can’t really find anything promising. I’ve solved every other crypto problem besides the 90 and 100 point ones so the fact that this is hard is quite confusing…probably overthinking it though.

Would you like some vinegar on your salad, sir?

JChris i tryied that but none of solutions worked… for me

Thumbs up for JChris, haha! The fun is to apply the algorithm manually in order to learn during the process!

@neoxquick said:
JChris i tryied that but none of solutions worked… for me

Well, keep trying, vinegar is delicious :slight_smile:

I got it, a tool on this page really helped me out.

@ahmad said:
hey briyani could you help me to unlook rar password??

which rar file?

Guys, I am struggling on this for a very long time. can someone pm me?

never mind. sooooo stupid of me. got it after 7 days struggle.

Honestly, the difficulty rating of this one is pretty low compared to it’s actual difficulty. I ran it through several of the “correct” ciphers, but it was always off because of my initial cryptanalysis … it wasn’t until I dissected it with JCrypTool that I actually got it to correctly decode with the correct key. Congrats to those who have solved it.,

Well I decrypt it that was fun!

Vinegar being delicious, you need a salt (hash | what a match ! ) to encode to taste better. Consider you want to be a cook(coder) and what every noob learns first to cook.

Well i learned something new, i was sure it was one cipher but it was a different one that i never heard of…
I had no idea one could use vinegar on the salad, thanks JChris.
And cyb3rs4k1 i did not get what you meant until i finished it :slight_smile: Really clever!

I agree with those saying this one is underrated. I took a long route and didn’t have any help and it took a long time. I’ve only done a couple challenges so far, so maybe it’s easy relative to others? Fortunately I learned a lot and it was very satisfying to finally complete. But 10pts??

Hi all :slight_smile:

OK,i got it, it was funny

Perhaps the difficulty is in doing it the manual way. There are tools out there that can solve it instantly

Getting the plain text was fairly easy but for the love of God please someone help with the flag? Any advice or am I just stupid?