Celestial name

IFAIC most names of the boxes refer to a certain aspect of the machine (Jerry → Tom; Poison → an alternate way of getting user[0]). Recently I gained root to Celestial, but I’m struggling to understand how the term “Celestial” refers to that box.

Does anyone know? Feel free to PM me if you’re not able to give a spoiler free explanation.

[0]I try to keep the descriptions spoiler-free, but if I failed to do so, please redact any spoilers, admins.

I think it’s because if root is from above, then you need someone of heaven to do something for you? I dunno

I might be an idiot. I suspect it refers to the username/ host name on the box, and perhaps even the OS. Though I’d have to check, I have reasons to believe ‘Linux’ (as indicated by the list of active machines) is a lie. I’ll try to check later today; if I find an answer, I’ll post it here.