Hi guys,

So I am being a fucking twat rn, and I just cannot figure this out.

Am I on the right path here?

I have downloaded the files for the CAT challenge on my phone, and I have googled it, as per suggested on another forum thread, on how to open the AB file on my phone, however, it keeps going and telling me that the required password is incorrect, when I have copied and pasted it from the initial beginning of the challenge.

(I have also tried to write it out by hand too, well by typing)

TIA fellow hackers.

Maybe it’s too late now, but just in case.

I presume the password you are copying/pasting is hackthebox. That one is just to be able to extract the content from the
So you can forget about it now.

In any case, I can confirm you won’t need any other passwords to complete this challenge.

I solved this one but working on Linux (that’s my usual environment); not sure if trying to restore the backup to a cellphone can make things more complicated.

After a quick search in Google, one of the first results pointed me in the direction of a free tool (Java based) you can get from sourceforge. With that tool you can extract the contents of the AB file, and it takes just a couple more steps to get the flag.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask or DM.