Can't submit the root flag in a starting-point machine

Hi! Can anybody help me, please?
I’m trying to walk through starting-point machines. And I did it. But one of them, a “crocodile” doesn’t accept the root flag. All I get is the message “Error! Crocodile root is already owned.” And because of that I have 98% complete in tier 1 and can’t move forward. How I can reset the progress of the machine and start from the beginning?

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Same issue here with “Dancing” box, anybody please help.

is there a user flag your missing?

I had completed the machine a couple of days before. But when I logged in a few days later the machine was still incompleted. So I tried it again and it was showing “Dancing root is already owned”.


I’m 8 of 9 tasks completed for every starting point machine only due to the root flag. Can’t complete Tier 0 and move to Tier 1… how do I initiate a support ticket for this?

Thank you