Cannot Ping Machine - VPN Good

Hello. Have an issue I have been working for a day or two. I can bring up OpenVPN OK. I can ping server good. I cannot ping machines Scriptkiddie or Tenet or 223. IFconfig comes back with good tunnel. Converted config file from UDP to TCP with no change. Changed locations of servers with no change. Yesterday, when I pinged, I didn’t even get a Unreachable. Today when I started Troubleshooting it began showing it was unreachable. I reset the VPN and it went back to no reply at all. I tried on both VMware (my favorite) and Virtualbox with no change in symptoms. Any idea what is going on. VM is up to date. Thanks

This comes up quite a bit.

What is the traceroute output? Ping isn’t the best tool for diagnosing a network issue as it either works or doesn’t…

What is at