Can't access vms. Need help :/

Hello there,

Seems like i can access to network but can’t access to specific machine.
I guess something wrong with routing.
Screenshots are below. I can provide any information you need.
Any ideas ?

Did you try to restart your VPN? I can’t connect to the VPN right now, maybe it’s a server-side issue?
Routes look fine… Can you ping

Edit: I switched from EU1 to EU2 VPN, now everything works for me again.

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Well. I changed my account.
It works with my old account.
But newer account can’t connect.


Obviously, you want connect to but fail with ping host unreachable.

Destination Network / Host unreachable – This means that the host that you are trying to ping is down or is not operating on the network.

Due to the target is spanning from HTB, we assume the target should be alive, so another thing could be accuse might be your network performance. However, after checking my gateway ping result, this could be expelled.

Now I recommend you re-spawn the host again or report this issue to the human service support. :slight_smile: