Calamity Stuck

Hi, im stuck in the admin page, i can run simple commands like Whoami, ls , ipconfig through the text box but i cant take a shell whit more privileges thant www-data , if you can give any hint to continue im really apreciated.

Have you tried uploading your own php shell? What command do you use to pull files from a web page?

I try to execute a php that uploads a file with a form but it does not work, now I’m confused if I have to execute a php that uploads a file or execute a command like wget and download the shell from my local server, some track would be very useful please

make the box download something from somewhere (wink wink)

Can I PM someone regarding this box. I need assistance with gaining access.

finally got root :slight_smile:

Can anybody give links about basical exploit dev. Maybe somewhere are usefull short info for solving this box))