Calamity - Audio?

Hello guys,
I owned user in this one without getting an interactive shell, found 2 similar files but since my native language is not English, I can’t understand the difference, though I found some text difference.

Anyway, for priv esc I have seen p**a and s*c things. Should I really focus on the ssh password for limited user or I may own system without a shell?

Also I would love if anyone can share some good read about that tool etc, I need to learn a lot about this.

I’ve owned the box. You don’t need to brute force ssh, but you need to be able to access the user’s protected folder (you’re on the right path, but you need more than text diff). Then, when you access the protected folder, the real challenge will begin :slight_smile:

help please, about the audio files, i examined them with audacity and i have done everything but still don’t find the passwords, please any help