Bug with the Starting point machines


I know we are in a culture of always trying harder and figuring stuff by yourself but I think it is a bug, not part of the challenge (lol). I 'm a beginner and I started working on beginner machines on HTB at the startingpoint. Because I don’t have the money to pay a VIP sub I just did the basic ones that are free. One day all of a sudden I could do the vip machines. I didn’t know why but did them because I could not continue the other machines until I completed the VIP’s first.

A few days later I could not do the vip machine’s anymore but neither the free ones. Now I’m litterally obligated to pay a vip sub just because they obligated me to do the vip machines a few days back. Isn’t there anything I could do to fix this? I hope I’m not asking something stupid…

You could do the VIP machines because there was an offer for doing them till 31st December 2021. It has now since expired and you will have to get a VIP subscription.

Ok I understand. Then it is really a bad system because they baited me by obligating me to do the other machines that were vip to continue with the other free machines…W/e I’ll pay maybe one day but rn I’ll just go for another website thx for the answer.