Bashed! :(

I successfully own user’s hash in bashed, literally easy. but can’t able to find out how to own root… Any hint’s own that? maybe i have to do XSS attack on the port where i found the user’s hash? am i on right track? if yes then i can’t able to figure out how to do that? i am really struggling with that from a long time… Thanks and you can also PM me to avoid Spoiler

wrong way. Check basic linux privilegie escalation

It is something related to cronjobs

Miles off defo not XSS, look closer to home, understand what kind of shell you have, do you need a different kind of shell or is the one you have ok, understand the file system structure and privileges, enumeration of the system and understanding is a very big key.

Hello all :slight_smile:

I’m struggling with the finally not so easy privesc on this box. I think I’m getting closed and I would like some advice. May I PM someone?

happy holidays by the way. :slight_smile:

Yavellion PM me

Got user.txt - easy. * Spoilers Removed *

i saw a certain Spoilers Removed… but dont see how its exploitable

so having got this now (and sorry for spoilers before) - dont over think this, the thing at the place that stands out, the answer is there - :cold_sweat:

@Deebee , Finally rooted the box yesterday but still have questions I sent you. :slight_smile:

Hey, can someone pm me? I am not familiar with _________ __________ happy holidays!

nvm sorted it

Hey, guys, i still cannot get root flag. any more hint ?

This might help you

@5afe said:
This might help you

sorry, i dont get your point

@5afe said:
This might help you

haha perfect hints for newbies who stucked there :wink:

@Onebladekh said:
Hey, guys, i still cannot get root flag. any more hint ?

you can PM me!

Anyone that needs some help on Bashed is welcome to PM me as well! This box took me way to long to figure out as a newbie because i didn’t really understand the specific linux process behind this lol

same here. so thankful for what htb provides