Bashed - A nudge would be nice!

So, I’ve managed to get a reverse shell to the scriptmanager user. Could I have any hints on getting root? Just need a nudge to the direction. I’ve heard ennumerate so much!

there is an interesting file in a place, see what you can do with it

I’m also at this stage and have no idea what to do when you get into the ‘interesting’ directory is there any other hints that could be provided ?

I spent ages on this, and the answer is right in front of you.

Pay very VERY close attention to the most basic bits of information you have in the directory listing. Ask yourself questions about what you can see and test your assertions.

Look around for files that have recent modify times, they can indicate some level of automation is occurring on the system. Sometimes these types of automation can be used for benefit

I’ve get the reverse shell and user flag but for root it’s just so hardcore. anybody for helping in PM ?

The ‘find’ command is often your best partner for discovering strange things. ;D