Bart writeup by OnlyAMedic

You can view my writeup for Bart here: Hack the Box - Bart Write up

Unfortunately the HTB WAF filter is blocking me from posting the writeup inline.

I plan on showing how to preform the privesc without the use of metasploit once I get some sleep.


Great write up - I learned a lot about fine tuning my methodology


Wait Bart is till live isn’t it?

nvm I just started it and was going really well… :frowning:

@izzie said:
Wait Bart is till live isn’t it?

Nope bart, was retired today and replaced by the new machine ‘hawk’

LOL I even watched the countdown on Hawk wondering would I have a go at my first for first blood (HTB noob if that isn’t obvious enough already) as I scanning the ■■■■ out of Bart. nvm ah I see monoc has pwned Hawk already… so Aragog will go next week then?

nice writeup bro, keep it up !

I made a writeup too : Solution du CTF Bart de HackTheBox - Nicolas SURRIBAS (french)

As a fellow oscp student, well done on writeup. Didn’t get round to doing Bart before, but just doing the last bit without metasploit. Thanks for writeup