Bag-of-tricks Or Real Hacking

This might sound stupid but I have done few boxes on htb and It looks it’s all about the tricks you know, the vulnerabilities you know. It’s about the knowledge of existing vulnerabilities which plays big here. Which is good for someone who wants to get a job in infosec but for a person who is just doing these as a hobby, it doesn’t seem right. The person who has deep understanding of system and things will always overtake you in all scenarios. Let’s say if one day I become a good penetration tester then there will be millions like me. Again it’s all good for people who wanna get a job in infosec or wanna do oscp stuff. But for people who are interested in hacking just because they are interested.

Any thoughts, suggestions, follow ups. Please

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I dont know what do u mean, ctf is not like hacking in wild or pentesting, but it still useful to that.