airgeddon is looking for translators

Hi, I’m the main developer of the “airgeddon” project. It’s a wireless hacking swiss knife wrapper tool. I develop it mainly under other nickname “v1s1t0r”. Now we want to “spread” it and we are looking for translators.

For now, it’s translated into 10 languages (english, spanish, russian, french, portuguese, german, etc), but could be nice to be translated into more languages. Chinese, indian or any other could be well received :slight_smile:

The link of the project on github:

This tool is already included in BlackArch, Parrot Security, ArchStrike repos, Wifislax, etc. With your help it could be greater! Stars on github repo are welcome too :slight_smile:

If you are interested in collaborate with the project, read the contributing lines at github’s wiki and contact me. Thanks.

P.S. Hat tip for this awesome platform! I supported them creating a machine called “Olympus” that have been accepted. I hope you can enjoy it soon.

i can google-translate it to 400 different languages <3

Yeah, we use Google translate sometimes until the final review. If you see a phrase with a “PoT” mark (Pending of Translation), it means that was translated automatically using Google translate. But anyway it must be checked. All languages we add are supported by somebody.

better use deepL works better than google

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know if it has api access for free? or is only available for pro accounts?

@Danners said:
i can google-translate it to 400 different languages <3

LMAO :+1:

i can help with italian if you need

Whats Indian? I think you are talking of Hindi,
Most ppl working in this sector in India are well versed with English and I dont think you need the Hindi version of it, since it wont make any sense and be of much use.

We already have it translated to italian, thanks @it2w

Yeah, I was talking about Hindi… I talked to a Hindi speaker. It seems it doesn’t worth the time. He said almost everybody (related to computers) in India is able to speak English as you said @livewire .

We are not adding more languages for the moment… just only looking for Chinese translator. Now focused on creating more features. Thanks.