Active Subdomain Enumeration

Ok what am I doing wrong here?

Dumb question coming. But, did you ping the target server?

I just booted the exercise up and found my target server which said it was supposed to be on was actually not responding.

not getting a ping response…HTB having issues?

Yeah I think so, I know every once in a while they do some maintenance that messes everything up. Wish they had an environment status page that would tell us lol.

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LOL ill try again tomorrow, I thought it was me the whole time.

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Ahhh thanks for that! I will have to keep that in mind. Although I think it is not taking the pwnboxes into account.

I just connected on a VM and found the exercise to work. When it gets back to working, keep using the dig command the way you were in the screenshot and you should see it work.