Active Subdomain Enumeration - HTB Academy

i think this comand should get me de txt records but i cant get the answer
$dig txt inlanefreight.htb. @ thank you if u can help me with a hint

Read the hint! “One of the existing zones contains a TXT record.” That means the txt record can be in any of the zones that you have enumerated previously.
If you use the command:

You’re making reference to the same zone because if the givenip is in /etc/hosts you match de domain name “inlanefreight.htb” with the ip.
If you are stuck try the next question because they are related.

i did the txt question now how can u identify a zone i got this answer but not sure if its coincidence that there is the same soa that zones

this was very useful hint → awk

This is the difficult part. In the list of the domains/ips of ns.inlanefreight.htb that you must have identified before; you have another dns zone among the domains. You have to found it and you will see the domain names of the request ips of the next questions.

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got it now i understand

Hello, im stuck in last question

Submit the number of all “A” records from all zones as the answer.

can anyone help me? that hint isnt helping me much.