Academy windows priv esc pillaging help please!

Hey I’m stuck on this:
“Log in as Grace and find the cookies for the website. Use the cookie to log in into from a browser within the RDP session and submit the flag.”
The page says to use this command:

“python3 --dbpath “/home/plaintext/cookies.sqlite” --host slack --cookie d”
1st problem python is not installed on the machine… Am I supposed to install it?
2nd problem I can’t get the file onto my machine to run the script there…
I can’t set up shared folders or a http server cause access denied… I have no idea how to set up file transfer on remmina, xfreerdp, and rdesktop even after following guides.

You have to tranfer the cookie to your attacker machine! You can use a copy past method with xfreerdp or you setup an smb file share