Academy linux priv esc > logrotate

I’ve been stuck on this for over a week and would appreciate any help. I read all the other posts on this that I could find.

I tried the reverse shell payload with no success…
I also tried setting the log to the first access log, but that didn’t work.

The payload never triggers and I never see anything new in /etc/bash_completion.d

Thank you! you are the GOAT.

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Hey, can you help me please, i followed the same steps over and over, nothing happens :confused: thanks

Could you share your screenshots here?

me to

i dont understand, how exactly did you finish this ? i tried your way but i never see the payload being trigger even after i make logrotten rotate the log

Sorry it’s been awhile, but from what I remember: you follow the instructions from htb acadrmy, but you trigger the rotation yourself by writing to the log file that is going to be rotated. I added the suid bit to the bash binary because you gotta be really fast if you go the reverse shell route. I’m not on my computer, but if you need more help I’ll try to find some screenshots when I got time.

nah man, i solved it using by big ■■■ brain hehe, following htb academy’s instructions will not be enough, annoying