Academy linux priv esc > logrotate

I’ve been stuck on this for over a week and would appreciate any help. I read all the other posts on this that I could find.

I tried the reverse shell payload with no success…
I also tried setting the log to the first access log, but that didn’t work.

The payload never triggers and I never see anything new in /etc/bash_completion.d

Hello. Maybe you have solved it already, but whatever. This section is not very well written. I completed it with a reverse shell which is triggered by access.log. The shell itself will give you about 10 seconds to grab the flag. Spoilers:

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Thank you! you are the GOAT.

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Hey, can you help me please, i followed the same steps over and over, nothing happens :confused: thanks

Could you share your screenshots here?

Here, i tried the steps and nothing :confused:


updated, i found it, the problem was from the shell i guess, i changed the paylaod to chmod u+s /bin/bash , then bash -p and it gave me access to root
Thank a lot

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