SolidState Priv Esc

I hate to be that guy, but I can’t seem to find a way to priv esc on SolidState. No suspicious cron jobs, it’s missing a common priv esc command, no kernel exploits I can find, etc.

I have a shell on the box (when it flickers between being on and off). Any advice?

LOL bro i was about to post the same thing. Ive tried most common linux priv esc scripts, and I cant even find the ‘strange’ file that other threads mentioned

Enumerate more. Look around the system, not just in /etc and for cron jobs. You’re not looking for a kernel exploit or anything like that, you’re looking to exploit a misconfiguration in something.

Does it have to do with the odd prompt for the user that gets exploited initially? I hope thats not too much of a spoiler, but I am so lost with escalation on this box.

Thank you @Skunkfoot! Looking around the system was a perfect hint

Thanks for the tip, I finally found it. This was kind of interesting (no spoilers), but of course I wouldn’t have seen a cron job for it. The account I was on didn’t have access to that.

any script recommendations?

@tigerwoods1 said:
any script recommendations?

Not sure how I can recommend a script to use without directly handing you the answer, ya know? I can maybe tell you if you’re on the right track if you PM what kind of scripts you’re looking for though.