A game idea

In my mind this idea is awesome… but it might be terrible. It is not nearly fleshed out even. But since I don’t have the required skills to do this I’m putting the idea out there…

How about a game a.la Slavehack where the game client is a VM machine. So you are actually hacking players computers (In a sense). You connect to a VPN service like here on HTB and everyone on it is fair game.

The idea is that players would learn how to harden their machines and realistic hacking.

Just an idea, maybe a terrible one, just had to get it out :slight_smile:


That would be a great Idea but the admins would have to set up a different vpn and we would have to use vms assigned to use it would get expensive but I wouldnt mind a few extra bucks tacked on to vip to give that a shot