Team based boxes?

Just an idea to make things a little more competitive. Starting a discussion to get the ideas rolling.

Team based boxes where each team registers a roster of their top 5 members to compete, bloods work the as on normal boxes but on a team level.

This also opens the door to more team-based activities and possibly opens the door to some interesting mechanics in the future. More on this later.

As always I welcome love and hate equally.

Happy Hacking,

delete this message, phone bugged out.

Not a bad idea, maybe teams could create those boxes and only other teams could compete. Something like a team’s Fortress lets say…

That would be really interesting too :slight_smile: :+1:

Send it as feedback! Could be implemented soon…

Speaking of teams… Does NE1 need/want me on their team??? I’m pretty l33t yes? no? 1? 0? C’mon, I feel like I’d like some peeps to bounce ideas back & forth with now that I’m getting down to the more challenging boxes. Message me