0ld_is_g0ld Hash Extraction

Hey guys, I’ve been working on 0ld_is_g0ld for a bit and while I know what to do, I can’t seem to be able to extract the hash from 0ld_is_g0ld.pdf. I’ve tried using pdf2john.pl but every time I try to run it, it complains that I don’t have ExifTool, even though I installed the ExifTool module just for this. Any workarounds for this, or am I just straight up doing something wrong?

What’s the error message?

I was getting the same issue last night. It was saying various lib files were missing. Even after checking they were in the right location. I ended up using pdf2john.py instead and it worked first time.

@AgentTiro I tried using pdf2john.py but it kept saying the file didn’t exist :anguished:

@Juniter it kept saying Can’t Locate Exiftool.pm in @Inc (you may need to install Exiftool module) and then lists a bunch of files found in @Inc

@MistletoeH you will need to download pdf2john.py and put it in the relevant folder for john to recognise it.

I did, but overtime I try to run it it says it can’t stat bc there’s no such file or directory