You Can Do It

This challenge is driving me crazy. I know that it is easy given the fact it is only worth 10 points. Even my friend who is more experienced than me cannot solve it.

So, I know that the letters need to be reorganized. You need to use all of them, and the filename is a part of the flag. BUT, there are a few letters left that leaves me concerned . These letters are : EEHS!

Am I missing something here? Can someone take me in the right direction. I have tried different word combinations on these last letters without much success

Never mind, solved it myself after some research

Help please? > @briandahacker said:

Never mind, solved it myself after some research

@ykroc666 said:
Help please?

The tip that helped me the most and also made me realize that it’s always better to start off simple and then advance as necessary.

Just take a paper and a pen and treat it as a brain teaser. I promise it’s all you need.

Actually @ykroc666 this site is very helpful