Windows Privilege Escalation - Legacy OS (Server 2008, Windows 7)

Could not find a topic for this so here are some hints how to solve these:

To connect the target, use some options:
xfreerdp /v: /u:htb-student /p:‘HTB_@cademy_stdnt!’ +clipboard /dynamic-resolution -cert:ignore /sec:rdp
(also you can try to use these options if needed: /tls-seclevel:0 /timeout:20000)

Server 2008:
the example is quite nice, although you may need to find another way to escalate your privileges
use post/multi/recon/local_exploit_suggester
to find another exploit

Windows 7:
I couldn’t run the privesc ps script located in c:\tools
just attack the host using metasploit and find another exploit
eg. eternalblue

Cat you please help me with this one Server 2008: i have tried everything nothing really works please help