Why you become hacker?

open talk with @PUGAZHVEL

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open talk with @PUGAZHVEL

Recreation of Society


i watched mr.robot

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i watched mr.robot

LMAOOO This hits home.

I met a guy in an online multiplayer snooker game. He showed me his arsenal of lot of premium cues. I asked him “Why you’d wasted your money on buying these”. He replied that he cheated the game. It was an IDOR vuln, it’s all started there.

Because, its feel soo good…

I watched “knight rider industries three thousand” when i was a kid

I am a software developer and I like to play zachlikes. Hacking is a huge complex game and I learn actual practical skills - win win.

PM me allowed here?

I worked as system admin. One day, there’s an APT attack to my system, I tried to forensic, learn to RE their malicious code as much as I can…So that’s how everything begin lol

Does it count if you aren’t a hacker? (or at least in the current, common-use of the term)