Why we need corrugated rollers?

The corrugated roller is the “heart” part of the corrugated board production line. Its wear resistance and service life are the main technical indicators to measure its quality and economy, and also directly affect the economic benefits of corrugated board manufacturers. Coming, the control of production costs is related to the market competition and viability of manufacturers! Ordinary corrugated rolls are usually processed with alloy steel as raw materials, and are subjected to electroplating or nitriding treatment after intermediate frequency quenching treatment. And improve the wear resistance and performance hardness of the corrugated roller, and increase its service life. From the current point of view, the only way to achieve this requirement is to spray the tungsten carbide coating on the corrugated roller, which is the tungsten carbide corrugated roller.
Why use tungsten carbide corrugating rolls, because the corrugating rolls sprayed with tungsten carbide coating have sufficient hardness, different wear resistance, small corrugation rate, long-term operation, can save a lot of core paper and glue, and the quality of cardboard remains unchanged ! The important thing is that the corrugating roller of tungsten carbide has almost the same corrugated height during the entire operating life of the roller. For your business to improve economic efficiency. Excellent quality, benefit first.