When are more boxes releasing?

With season 2 just ended, when can I expect more boxes to release ? Its been awhile (maybe a week) with no new boxes to complete. I am referring to the active machine boxes.


Re posting from the Discord announcement.

Hello HTB community,
We heard your feedback that the two Saturday releases between seasons one and two were rough because Release Arena was not available. Our team has been working to make Release Arena available for non-seasonal Saturday releases so that the playing experience can be up to the standards you expect, and we are nearly there. To that end, we’re trying some new things for this break after season two.

Here is the planned release schedule:

  • The easy box Wifinetics is releasing Wednesday 13 September as a retired box, free for all to play for two weeks with guided mode, and then VIP after that. There will be no release arena for this box.
  • There will be no Saturday release on 16 September. Enjoy a break, or use the time to play Wifinetics.
  • We are planning to release the Medium box Clicker as an active non-seasonal box on Saturday 23 September at the normal time with Release Arena.

Season 3 will start with a release on 30 September!

Thank you as always for your support! :green_heart: :htb~1: