What VirtualMachines in HTB to do for practice before my eJPT certification?

Hey folks, I am learning for my certification(eJPT) and I was wondering are there any machines I could do in preperation for my eJPT? Is StartingPoint enough? Who had their eJPT exam?

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Hi g4r3y,

I passed eJPT a few months ago and I can tell you that it is easier than HTB machines. If you’ve carefully complete the INE courses and labs, you should be ready to pass the exam. As I remember, the exam is mainly to verify that you understand and know how to use the basic pentest tools. If you want to be sure you’re ready, you can still do some easy machines on HTB!

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what if i did not complete the INE courses? I had some udemy course and I studied a lot for my CEH.
So is basic pentest knowledge, like in starting point enough to pass?