What is the size in GiB of the "/dev/sda" disk?

It Is Question From Linux Fundamentals : File System Management. Full Question Is :
What is the size in GiB of the “/dev/sda” disk in our Pwnbox? (Format: 000)
What To Do Here?

What commands have you tried?

You can use the command sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda to obtain your answer.

that did not work

so i run command sudo fdisk -l, don’t think i can answer this question. as the fdisk does not have /dev/sda as an option


I solved this question by using sudo fdisk -l and looking at the information displayed for /dev/vda instead of /dev/sda.



160 was the answer ? Because I tried that and no luck. I’ve already moved on, this made me annoyed !!

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Yes it is, it was already mentioned in the academy

Hello, you can find it on your system by using the command sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda or lsblk -o NAME,SIZE -e 7 . Look for the size of /dev/sda. Convert it to GiB if it’s in another unit (1 GB = 0.931 GiB)


I just this the same exercise, but it was displaying 100GiB and not accepting the answer. I’ve reset the machine twice, but always receive the same result. It does say above that there is a size mismatch.

I’ve already put 160 in as answer and that he accepted…

using the lsblk command I get that the size is 8gb, which doesn’t seem to be the answear. I can’t use the fdisk command because it says I don’t have permissions.
I’m stuck :confused:

Try the command sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda
the answer is :- 100

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