What is the full system path of SMB share - Footprinting Academy


I don’t know if I’m being silly here but can I please ask for your help.

I’m working through the Footprinting Academy and I’m stuck on 1 question for SMB. The question is:
What is the full system path of that specific share?

The details I’ve enumerated are below.
rpcclient $> querydominfo
Domain: DEVOPS
Server: DEVSMB
Comment: InlaneFreight SMB server (Samba, Ubuntu)

netname: sambashare
remark: InFreight SMB v3.1
path: C:\home\sambauser\

rpcclient $> srvinfo
DEVSMB Wk Sv PrQ Unx NT SNT InlaneFreight SMB server (Samba, Ubuntu)
platform_id : 500
os version : 6.1
server type : 0x809a03


I’ve tried so many answers, (with and without // or / at the end or beginning).

None of the above are correct and I know it cannot be C:\home\sambauser because the host is Linux.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


Leave out the slash / at the end.

Thank you for responding but it’s still not accepting the answer.
I’ve tried the following:




Any idea what I’m missing? I feel like i’m missing something really obvious!

Thank you

Okay, just blindly try it is possible, but not the best way :slight_smile:

We are looking for a directory, which is obviously on a Linux server.

Have a look at the directory structure of Linux.
Where are the user directories located?
Under Windows they are located under c:\users
What is the name of the user?
Leave out the slash at the end.