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I don’t know if I’m being silly here but can I please ask for your help.

I’m working through the Footprinting Academy and I’m stuck on 1 question for SMB. The question is:
What is the full system path of that specific share?

The details I’ve enumerated are below.
rpcclient $> querydominfo
Domain: DEVOPS
Server: DEVSMB
Comment: InlaneFreight SMB server (Samba, Ubuntu)

netname: sambashare
remark: InFreight SMB v3.1
path: C:\home\sambauser\

rpcclient $> srvinfo
DEVSMB Wk Sv PrQ Unx NT SNT InlaneFreight SMB server (Samba, Ubuntu)
platform_id : 500
os version : 6.1
server type : 0x809a03


I’ve tried so many answers, (with and without // or / at the end or beginning).

None of the above are correct and I know it cannot be C:\home\sambauser because the host is Linux.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


Leave out the slash / at the end.

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Thank you for responding but it’s still not accepting the answer.
I’ve tried the following:




Any idea what I’m missing? I feel like i’m missing something really obvious!

Thank you

Okay, just blindly try it is possible, but not the best way :slight_smile:

We are looking for a directory, which is obviously on a Linux server.

Have a look at the directory structure of Linux.
Where are the user directories located?
Under Windows they are located under c:\users
What is the name of the user?
Leave out the slash at the end.

Did you find way ? am stuck on that also .

Look closely at the hint.
If you get stuck, send me a DM

Hello there im stuck on the same thing .
I used enumdomusers to find out the users but it doesnt give anything back.
I tried netshareenumall but I get /home/sambauser/sambashare path back but that is not the answer.
Can someone help me to find it

I know that the user’s name is “nobody”, I tried /home/nobody/sambashare (but as i am also stuck on the previous question the sambashare file has a different customized name)

Hello so I found it, it isn’t a customized NAME that it is asked actually, it is the version of INFREIGHT SMB v.[??] used for this specific share. you can get it with one command in rpcclient

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Linux don’t need / in the end.
the answer is in your question, beware of white spaces.

This question is messing with my brain a little bit, got the same as everybody, the c:\ part is obvious is not going to work with linux, tried the ip, the devsmb and the other name, both of usernames (smbuser and the one i bruteforced) still no work, tried the slashes, backslashes double backslashes double normal slasshes :smiley:

the path given inside smb pwd is ip/share and the one from rpcclient/enum4linux is the c: one last one has to be from outside of share.

Idk what else i probably will need a nudge, somebody? unique answers can be so annoying

The top-level directory under Windows is C:
Under Linux the top directory (root) is /

The best hint for this is / for linux \ for windows. C:\ for windows / for linux


For me, the way I figured it out was I went to my Bash shell and just ran pwd. This shows the linux structure, and by remembering the command, you can always refresh your memory without even doing a google search.

I find this confusing. Why doesn’t anyone directly address the question? I was looking for SMB format, and google linked this. Why so coy? Why not address the question? How about a link like Naming and referencing shares, directories, files, and metadata - Azure Files | Microsoft Learn ?

You are absolutely. Your hint is the best. Thanks.


you live in a home and you are a sambauser

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Answer is way easier then we are thing around
we have got the full address, just change it to linux
and dont put slash at the end

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/ and \ are diferents

I’ve done everything the section showed us, same as the post author, and I just cannot figure out the answer to the final question…can someone PLEASE inform me on what I’m supposed to do/put? I’ve been unable to figure it out for a couple days now and I’ve just moved past it, unable to fully complete SMB.