[WEB] I know Mag1k

I need a nudge with this one. I’ve gotten all the way to the decoding process and even re-encoding. My “size” for this part seems to only work at 8 (used this for decoding and even tried other values while re-encoding and it only likes 8). So I took the value I got, did the necessary other “encodings” and pasted it into BurpSuite. The best I can get is the page, but it’s mostly blank.

For the user and role, I had no idea and really just to guess. I set these both to admin. Is this correct? If not, how can I enumerate user names without running some crazy huge list through BurpSuite during the registration process and checking to see if it says “Already Registered?” Gotta be an easier way.

Anyhow, I feel like I’ve learned a ton from this, but I am just missing one key ingredient. Please feel free to PM me if you’d like.

Hi, not sure if you are still stuck with it. My Hint for ya: Don’t go crazy with encoding options, the tool will handle it nicely.

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