What were the targets for the authenticated scan?
Hi guys please help.
I completed all the tasks, but once again I struggle and I can’t think of anything and find the answer to the question posed.
For me, the answer is obvious, but none of my options fit.

Doesn’t anyone even give me a hint?
I tried
Authorization and combinations of these things.
logged-in scanning
vulnerability testing
network security
service security
and much more, but I don’t quite understand the question posed.
For me, an Authenticated scan is a scan that uses a username and password to log in. This is a white box scan. But no matter what I tried, none of my options worked.

It’s really stupid.
Look at the question from the other side.
Think - what is your “goal”, what does it represent?
Forget authenticated scan
Good luck.

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Thank you friend.
Everything worked out!!!

the HOST being scanned

yes this question was TRICKY. dont know why it was asked in a way that made me think OS and version.