VPN problem while connecting to another VPN on host

I have a problem connecting to port 80 on machines when I am already connected to openvpn on my host

I can ping the machine successfully but curl doesnt open the website.

└─$ curl http://machine.htb
curl: (7) Failed to connect to machine.htb port 80 after 3199 ms: No route to host

Any configuration that can help me with connecting successfully to machines while I am already connected to VPN on host?

Thanks in advance for helps.

I have sorted it out :slight_smile:

in my case I had to download vpn comfiguration with TCP instead of UDP

@shahrouz nice I also tried same but can you please tell me if I want to used with some other vpns like ivacy vpn can I do the same?

Generally speaking, as long as both VPNs use same protocol then it should work

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Oh okay thank you!

I use the vpn configuration with TCP instead of UDP. I hope it works for you as well.