Vaccine - HTTP port 80 filtered in Nmap

Noob here. Did somebody mess up the Vaccine box? I’m trying to reach it over HTTP following the walkthrough but the website doesnt open. Nmap scan says the port is filtered. Someone turned the firewall on?

Hey, i’m having the same issue. Apparently someone messed up the box. All we can do is vote for a reset and wait.

Glad Im not the only one haha!

I have the same problem - but it was reset yesterday, and still nothing…

All worked fine for me today morning, just try it again :wink:

Same issue today

sudo nmap -sS -A
80/tcp open http?

curl: (28) Failed to connect to port 80: Connection timed out

Do I just have to wait for it to be up later or is there something I can do?

Hey, it’s up again!